Pork Stuffed Peppers

MUEBE goes all out to make the most colorful and outrageous flavor combination stuffed peppers!

Roasted Chicken

TMB does a great tutorial on the SRG and roasting a chicken with Instant Gourmet Original! YUM!

Smoked Pot Roast

SAVANNAHSMOKER does a traditional comfort food meal…that adds some extras! Have a napkin handy!

Whether you cook indoors or outside, or if you cook on a stove, a gas grill, offset smoker or offset stick burner or use hardwood splits, charcoal, or compressed wood pellets - you are welcome here. At LetsTalkBBQ we discuss all things barbecue, as well as grilling and smoking. We are open to ALL forms of cooking, from cast iron over an open campfire, to electric box smokers and cabinet smokers. And your flavor choice is wide open too. Kansas City, Texas, Carolina…WE Like it all! Burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, smoked sausage, brisket, Boston butt, pork shoulder spare ribs, St. Louis ribs, or baby back ribs. Yep...We love 'em too! We even have forum members that love to make jerky and cured meats in the Charcuterie Section.

Jump right in and start talking about your favorites and what makes you the BBQ ruler of your house.

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