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Some more tips on using PhotoBucket
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Sept 23 2016

Some of my thoughts on using Photobucket to post your photos here.  I use an Olympus  E620 to take all my photos and I use Photoshop Elements to save and edit them. I import them to Elements from my camera card and save them all as tiff files. This is a non-loss format for photos. I edit them by just adjusting lighting levels and that’s just moving a slider. I then do an unsharp mask which sharpens the photo. When I am done editing I do a batch processing and have done more than 30 at a time.

From Elements I can resize by inches or pixels and set the dpi when batch processing. I use pixels and select 840 for the width, and check a box to constrain proportion; this keeps the photo in perspective. I set the dpi at 150. I select save as jpeg high resolution and save them to a folder on my desk top. I use the 840 pixels since it was a good size for my blog and it also worked out ok for here on LTBBQ. Each photo is just about 2X3 inches and less than 200 KB. A good size to see on a computer is from about 620 pixels to 840 pixels wide.

I upload them to Photobucket from the folder on my desktop. I have been using it for about 6 years now and have over 6500 photos there. I am only using 53% of the free space I have. I save my photos in diff. albums then view that album and click on a photo to select the image code copy and paste to LTBBQ. If the image code is not one of the boxes to the right of the photo then you will have to go to the album and there will be a little gear upper right click on it and it will give you settings, just make sure the image code box is checked then it should appear when you view a photo to load. So far all this is free and the only downside is putting up with the ads. Sometimes they can be more aggressive than other times.

The thing I like about using a photo host like Photobucket is as long as they are alive on the net and LTBBQ is alive your photos of your cooks will be there; If anyone needs help with Photobucket or Photoshop Elements just PM me and I will try to help.
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