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Savannah Stoker v.3 Installed and Running
« Reply #-1 on: February 08, 2015, 11:44:59 AM »
Feb 07 2015

We had a nice day Saturday, 43 deg. F. The ice was all melted on my patio so I could get to my smoke deck and install my new Savannah Stoker v.3 controller on my Traeger 07E pellet smoker. The SS controller is a PID device to control pellet smokers. It is a type of controller that most all manufactures are going to now. It comes with the correct plugs for the Traeger so is a simple job to change out. It is just a matter of removing the old one unplugging it and installing the new one.

It comes with a new RTD, real temperature device, you need to install and that is a matter of removing the old one, one screw holding it. That is only about a 10 minute job. I got the old controller removed and the new RTD installed. I had just a little trouble getting the new controller installed; the one plug was too short to access through the opening.  I had to reach under the pellet bin and hold the plug with one hand and reach through the opening to plug the new one in. If the 4 plugs are long enough to access through the hole it is a snap to install.

I had cleaned out my smoker and when I got the new controller installed I was ready to try it out. I had a ½ pound of smoked sausage and a pound of jowl bacon from my butchers I want to do for some bean soup Sunday. I fired it up and let get to the set temp of 225 deg. F. I had my Maverick probe placed at grill level in the middle front of the grate to double check the temps.

I did the sausage for one hour at 225 deg. then removed. I let the bacon go another hour at 325 deg. F. It worked like a charm and most of the time was within 5 deg. of the set temperature. The lowest I saw at 225 deg. was 10 under and 11 over the set temperature over an hour. I was getting some nice smoke too. When I went to set temperature of 325 deg. it was there in 15 minutes. I was getting about the same fluctuation of +- 10 deg. whenever it went over or under it didn’t stay there long and quickly corrected.

I was amazed at how close the RTD and my Maverick probe, at grill level were. With my old Traeger 180 I always ran about 25 deg. hotter at grill level. With my Ortech I was 25 to 50 deg. hotter. After I went to 325 deg. with my SS controller I did see the grill level at 15 deg. hotter.

I don’t have a nice chart to show you like Savannah Smoker did but I recorded the different temps by taking photos and the times are in the photos metadata.

RTD = real temperature      ST= set temperature       MPT= Maverick temp grill level

        RTD    ST   MPT
6:00   224   225   223
6:15   226   225   225
6:30   225   225   226
6:45   236   225   235
7:00   215   225   217
Wen to 325 deg.
7:15   328   325   338
7:50   328   325   343

After my first cook I am more than happy with the way this controller is running. Most of the time it is running about dead on set temp. I can live with the small +- swings I got and I think you need some ups and downs to get better smoke. I left the fan set on speed 3 for this cook. I plan on some ribs for my next cook and will try fan speed 2 for the 3 hours of smoke setting at 180 deg.

New controller

Removing the old

New RTD installed

Installing the new

Ready to cook!

6:00 PM

6:30 PM

After 1 hour, removed the sausage

7:15 PM

8:00 PM bacon done and shut down, took about 25 minutes

Smokin Don

I would highly recommend this controller. Go here to get on the list with Billy Merrill;u=448

Or here is his Facebook link
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Re: Savannah Stoker v.3 Installed and Running
« on: February 08, 2015, 11:48:11 AM »
Excellent and very informative write up Don.
Glad it warmed up to above 0.
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Re: Savannah Stoker v.3 Installed and Running
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Thanks for the review and great looking sausage.  ;)
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Re: Savannah Stoker v.3 Installed and Running
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Food looks good Don!

Glad you got the stoker up and running!
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Re: Savannah Stoker v.3 Installed and Running
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That is great news Don, now your cooks are gonna even be better, if that is possible  :)
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