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Version 4 now available.
« Reply #-1 on: November 13, 2015, 01:29:22 PM »
Now Taking Preorders.

Shipping to start on November 20.

New features include an improved Auto-Relight program, a 3 Stage Cooking Program, and a Food Sensor.

Version 4 includes the controller, a grill temperature sensor, and the food probe.

•Set the desired cooking/smoking temperature from 160°- 500°F or the max temperature your grill can reach in 1° increments.
•Typical temperature swings are 5-10°F when cooking above 250°F and 10-15°F when smoking below 225°F.
•Hardwired permanent installed temperature sensor, compatible with the most OEM RTD temperature sensors.
•Cool-down cycle. Fan runs until the grill temperature drops below 120°F.
Auto-relight. The controller will energize the igniter to attempt to relight the fire if the grill temperature drops too low below the set temperature. If the fire does not relight; the cool down cycle automatically starts. Detects if the cooking chamber door is open and will pause the relight program until the door has been closed and temperature has recovered.
3 phase Cooking Program: Smoke, Cook, Hold. Set the time and temperature for each phase in the cooking process. The controller will automatically advance to the next step and adjust the temperature.
Food Probe: For use with the cooking program to cook the food to a specific internal temperature or standalone to monitor the food temperature.
•3 Speed Fan selectable by the user. High for cooking; Medium for Smoking, and Extra Low for cold smoking.
•Auger Bypass: Press a button and the auger runs 100% to get to grilling temperatures faster.
•Optional interface with the STOKER® Power Draft System from Rocks Bar-B-Que. Add the features of the STOKER like remote temperature control and monitoring from a computer or Smartphone or graph the cook with StokerLog running on a PC. Requires an optional cable. The STOKER is available from


The Savannah Stoker is a direct replacement temperature controller for most Traeger Wood Pellet Grills but it will not fit in the Traeger Junior (an adapter for the Junior will be available in a few weeks) or the PTG. It will also control most smokers made by Blaz’n Grill Works Wood Pellet Grills, Royall Wood Pellet Grills (except the tailgater), Smokin' Brothers Premier line, Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smoker and Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro. The Savannah Stoker maybe compatible with other wood pellet grills but may requiring modifications to the grill or wiring connectors.