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Summer Cheeseburger! Nothing better then a cheeseburger and cold drink on a nice, hot summer day! We will be sharing awesome pellet grill cheeseburgers every Monday throughout the summer. Make sure you are stocked up on your Perfect Mix and 100% Hickory so you can try a different burger each week! A big thank you to Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Inc. and for these amazing Cheeseburger images and topping ideas!
Burger :
I use 1/3 lb. ground beef (I just like this flavor best …if you like ground chuck or??? then use it).
I salt and pepper lightly. Again use what you like.
Make patties just larger than bun…they will shrink back and be PERFECT size when done.
Set pellet grill at 350 using our 100% HICKORY pellets.
I like my burgers medium to medium rare…so about 20 minutes total time, BUT, your grill may cook faster or slower!!
The 100% Hickory will give you a heavier smoke flavor. If you want something with lighter smoke flavor use our Perfect Mix or smoke/cook the burgers at a higher temp shorter.
Build burger as picture shows….ENJOY!
Wisconsin Blue Cheese
Beef Patty
Pickled Red Onions
Balsamic Mayonnaise
Toasted Ciabatta Roll
Build burger and….ENJOY!