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The Lumberjack Burger
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Burger :
I use 1/3 lb. ground beef(I just like this flavor best …if you like ground chuck or something else then use it).
I salt and pepper lightly. Again, use what you like.
Make patties just larger than bun…they will shrink back and be PERFECT size when done.
Set pellet grill at 350 using our PERFECT MIX pellets.
I like my burgers medium to medium rare…so about 20 minutes total time BUT, your grill may cook faster or slower!!
The Perfect Mix will give you a light smoke flavor. If you want something with heavier smoke flavor Use our 100% Hickory or smoke/cook the burgers at a lower temp longer.
Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese
Wisconsin Swiss Cheese
2 Beef Patties
Bread & Butter Pickles
Yellow Mustard
Sliced White Onions
Iceberg Lettuce
Toasted White Bread

To purchase your Perfect Mix Cookinpellets visit our site at:

Thank you to Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Inc. for these amazing Cheeseburger topping ideas!