Author Topic: Rock’s Stoker Interfaced with the SSII, Managing my Royall Pellet Smoker  (Read 3061 times)

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Rock’s Stoker Interfaced with the SSII, Managing my Royall Pellet Smoker
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Video of Rock’s Stoker controlling my Royall 2000 Pellet Smoker interfaced with the Savannah Stoker during a overnight smoke for pulled pork.   

Picture of the pork smoking and the food and pit temp probes that are connected to Rock’s Stoker.

Picture of Stoker Log on my laptop

Video of my laptop showing StokerLog managing and recording Rock’s Stoker controlling the Royall 2000 Pellet Smoker.

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i think its cool you have all the graphs and stuff.  i'm kinda of just a maverick type of guy.  but w/ all the knowledge you have you could keep better control over your cook.  thats a good thing.   :)
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Very nice

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Looks like lunch time at NASA ;)
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