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General Discussion / Re: My Wife is definitely feeling better!
« Last post by RG on Today at 10:23:44 PM »
We both drink very little. Sometimes I can buy a 6 pack and it can last weeks. Sometimes I will drink 2-3 at a time.
Stick Burners / Re: Mrs. RG's smoke therapy
« Last post by TecCrash on Today at 10:10:54 PM »
That looks amazing!
MAK Grills / Re: Mak Chicken Gyros
« Last post by tomcrete1 on Today at 09:14:40 PM »
Wow! Lookin Great ! :thumbup:
Stick Burners / Re: Mrs. RG's smoke therapy
« Last post by tomcrete1 on Today at 09:13:48 PM »
Awesome!  :thumbup:
Charcuterie: Ham, Bacon, Sausage, etc. / Re: Sunday Sausage
« Last post by tomcrete1 on Today at 09:13:05 PM »
Lookin Good Gus!
Great rainy day meal Tom!! :thumbup:

Looks like your heat diffuser set-up worked like a charm.

Thanks Smoke!

It is very simple folks the rest of the world spends billions trying to get rid of Spam.....&  Tommy & I just say that was easy.

Ok i need to revisit it again because 95% of you like it.

I just find it beyond funny that you and Tommy fear/hate...or otherwise do not like SPAM...yet I am willing to bet that both of you love hot dogs - and luncheon meat....
Would you like for me to tell you all of the otherwise non-edible parts that go into the  making of such "meat products"... :D :D :D :D
Let me quote Godfrey Saxe (this quote is often misattributed to Prussian statesman and admiral -Lord Admiral Otto von Bismarck:
: “To retain respect for laws and sausages, one must not watch them in the making.”

 ;) ;D 8)

Tee two out of three ain't bad ;) ;) ;) ;)
Charcuterie: Ham, Bacon, Sausage, etc. / Sunday Sausage
« Last post by GusRobin on Today at 09:00:53 PM »
My daughter's baby shower is this weekend. She asked me to make some smoked cheese and sausage for the event. The cheese has been aging in the fridge for about a month now. The first attempt at sausage went wrong when I forgot to put the PID probe in the smoker and the temps ran wild.

Made a new batch today. 5 lbs of pepperoni and 5 lbs of kielbasa.
Here they are "blooming
Stick Burners / Re: Mrs. RG's smoke therapy
« Last post by teesquare on Today at 08:45:40 PM »
I see vegetables...You have pickles!  ;D 8)

It all looks great to me RG!
MAK Grills / Mak Chicken Gyros
« Last post by Scallywag on Today at 08:17:56 PM »
Between working 14 hour days and tons of time at the hockey rink with my goalie son I found time to cook today..
Tired of fries and crappy hotdogs at the rink I came across a recipe for chicken gyros
Started with some Greek yogurt, lemon juice, white pepper, cumin, smoked paprika, salt, doll, garlic and chipotle. Smashed some chicken thighs and marinated for an hour.

Half an onion and a skewer and let's build this

Smoke for 30 mins.. up to 425 for 1:3 hour

Some fresh  Taziki sauce .. yogurt, grated
cucumber , lemon juice and garlic.

Chopped up

Served on a warm Pita with feta, lettuce, tomato and Taziki

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