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Smoked Olives
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1 c. black olives such as Greek Kalamata or atalanti, lightly drained.
1 c. green olives, lightly drained.
2 tbs. extra-virgin olive oil.
2 tbs. white wine – vermouth works great.
2 garlic cloves, minced.
¾ tsp. dried rosemary – we have also used oregano with some great success but the rosemary has a better all-around taste.
Fresh-ground black pepper to taste.
Used our Perfect Mix pellets for this as the olives bring in the flavor fairly well.
220 F.
Arrange the olives in a shallow piece of heavy-duty foil molded into a small tray. Add the remaining ingredients. Place the olives in the smoker and cook until the olives absorb half of the liquid and take on a light but identifiable smoke flavor, 30-50 minutes. Time depends on your grill!! Taste test after about 15-20 minutes.The olives can be served immediately with some asiago grated cheese over them or can sit for several hours to develop the flavor further. GREAT appetizer~! Refrigerate any leftovers.Be sure to save the leftover olive oil for bread dipping -mmmmmgood!