Author Topic: Why do YOU own a MAK?  (Read 683 times)

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Re: Why do YOU own a MAK?
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As for the quality, I live about 30 miles from MAK as the crow flies.  I was driving one day and just happened to see the factory.  I had no idea they were located in Oregon.  I stopped in and took a look a the grills.  I was truly impressed.  There was a MAK 2 Star on display.  The fit and finish on the grill was superb.  The other great thing about the MAK's is the materials they are constructed with.  The MAK 1 uses aluminum coated steel that has been powder coated, the MAK 2 Star is 304 stainless.  That makes them almost totally impervious to the weather.  That is a big deal sitting on the deck in "Sunny Oregon".

I live about 40 minutes from MAK.  Once I got past the price, we visited.  I was looking at the $1700 1 Star.  My husband’s eyes swung to the left at the 2 Star. At that point I knew which one we would get.  I have a tiny covered back porch and was worried it would take too much space. Nope. I’ve never slow cooked before but we do it more often now.  Also figured out the unburned pellet thing - yeah, hubby explained the brilliance of cool down. Over a month later we are still in love with it.  The ex-husband has been over for dinner several times.  He asked if we have used the oven since getting the MAK.  Nope.