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Green Mountain Wood Fired Pizza Over / Details and Dimensions (UPDATED)
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It has just been reported by Jim Olson on the Green Mountain Grill Owners Group that a fellow had adapted the GM Wood Fired Pizza Oven to a Traeger grill. No details yet but sounds interesting.

These are the rough overall dimensions of the pizza oven.

18-5/8”  total width of the unit
13-1/4”  depth of the unit measured on the dome lid  (doesn’t include some of the mounting tabs
11”  total height of the unit

The pizza oven is basically just 3 pieces which consists of:

The Dome Cover with the bolted on handle and is 6” high less the handle
The hearth stone which measures 16” wide by 14” deep

The pyramid base unit which just sits inside the Green Mountain Grill. While it is all one piece and welded together, it is made up of the pyramid part, the diffuser plate which the hearth stone sits on, and several tabs which hold the cooker at the right height in the grill and also the proper position. There are also tabs that hold the dome cover in the correct position.

This is what it look like out of the cooker. The hearth stone is placed on top of the diffuser plate which has a small rail around the 3 sides. This plate can not be removed to do any direct cooking. Look closely and you can see two of the tabs that hold this unit in the cooker.

This is the left side of the pyramid part and you can see the rolled tabs that hold and position the dome cover. You will also see a gap between the lower pyramid part and the welded on diffuser plate and that gap is where the fire hot convection air comes up and is directed by the dome cover to the top of the pizza. This gap is on both sides of the unit.

This picture shows the mounting tabs on the back side of the unit.

Ok, this is how it measures:

19-1/4” is the width including the dome tabs
15-1/4” plus 1” for the tabs that hold it deep
6-1/4” is the height measured to the tabs that hold the unit inside the cooker. Measured to the very top of the unit would add an additional 3/4” to include the diffuser rails.

The hole in the bottom of the pyramid measures 5-5/16” square and that goes over the fire box.

Front of cooker

Back of cooker

You can see the mounting tabs on these photos.

I hope this answers everyones questions.

This pizza over works as well as about any type of oven I have used and sure make a nice pizza.
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I will be measuring my grills to see if I can fit this!
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