Author Topic: Tasty Tuesday Recipe: MAK Roasted Acorn Squash  (Read 254 times)

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Tasty Tuesday Recipe: MAK Roasted Acorn Squash
« Reply #-1 on: October 24, 2017, 02:09:22 PM »
It's "Tasty Tuesday!" This week, we continue to present the "Flavors of Fall" with a simple, healthy recipe for enjoying Acorn Squash.
Not only are they delicious, they are also nutritious. This squash is not as rich in beta-carotene as other types of squashes, but is a good source of dietary fiber and potassium, as well as vitamins C and B, magnesium, and manganese.
The most common variety of the squash is dark green on the outside, often with a single splotch of orange on the side or top. Although considered a winter squash, acorn squash belongs to the same species as all summer squashes including zucchini and crookneck squash.
Acorn squashes typically weigh between one to two pounds, so you can easily feed two people with one squash. They are one of the most perishable winter squashes, lasting only a few weeks in storage. Here’s how to cook and enjoy this popular fall vegetable.
1-acorn squash for 2 people
2-tsp. butter
1 TBSP. brown sugar
1 tsp. maple syrup
Wash and dry squash. Cut off the bottom and top so that squash will sit flat on the grates.
Cut squash in half, remove seeds and fiberous material inside the squash. You might want to save the seeds for roasting later.
With a fork, pierce the inside diameter of each half of the squash. Add the brown sugar, maple syrup and butter to the interior of the squash. Place squash halves inside a square heat-resistant baking dish.
Start grill and set temperature to 400F. Allow grill to come to up to temperature. Place squash inside the grill and cook for approximately (60) sixty to (75) seventy-five minutes, or until squash flesh becomes soft and the top rim of the halves are browned. Carefully remove from grill, allow to rest for (10) ten minutes, then serve.
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Re: Tasty Tuesday Recipe: MAK Roasted Acorn Squash
« on: October 24, 2017, 06:45:44 PM »
Sweet!!! On my list of must do recipes ...  :thumbup:
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Re: Tasty Tuesday Recipe: MAK Roasted Acorn Squash
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 07:26:55 AM »
Margo and I had these on vacation one time and we loved them. She started making it at home. Will definitely be trying it on the grill now! Thanks!
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Re: Tasty Tuesday Recipe: MAK Roasted Acorn Squash
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 09:19:22 AM »
I love squash.  I'm going to try this one.
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Re: Tasty Tuesday Recipe: MAK Roasted Acorn Squash
« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2017, 09:48:18 AM »
I love acorn squash roasted on the grill.  The light smoke flavor makes this an excellent Fall dish.

My fave recipe is bacon praline acorn squash with bacon, pecans, brown sugar, a little cinnamon, nutmeg & butter.

Here's the recipe:  (just add bacon bits too).
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