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About blogs..... PLEASE READ
« Reply #-1 on: June 25, 2013, 08:53:34 PM »
If you have a blog on the 'net - or write for a blog you are welcome to re-post the articles that you write here. We can arrange for a special section in certain cases. Generally - site owners have no problem with you as the author re-posting content - as long as you give credit to the origination site. It is fine to post the article - then the URL from where you placed it first.

What we do not allow is a thread that is a simple re-direct to your blog elsewhere. If you are a member - trying to share information or help someone looking for said information, and you find it on a blog - post the link. If we see a problem with it, we will contact you and explain why we find it out of "bounds"  - but that would be a rare situation.

Please bear in mind -LTBBQ has paying sponsors, and we want them to feel that they have an opportunity for your attention before other sites they do not support.

And, we are striving to build user-ship here on LTBBQ. Not somewhere else ;) ;D
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